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According to a study commissioned by the National Literacy Trust in 2008 to the psychologist, and an expert in child-parent interaction, Suzanne Zeedyk there is ample evidence confirming that the first interactions between parents and their baby have an important effect on the cognitive, emotional and neurological development of children.

And there is no better proof than the vital stimulus that a baby has when observing positive facial expressions of their parents to develop their social capacity during their first three years of life, the period of time for which neuroscience ensures that the brain develops much faster than at any other time in life.

What is this experimental study

Based on these premises, Dr. Zeedyk conducted an observational study of 2, 722 families with babies and, at the same time, also studied how 20 babies behaved along a route through the urban area of ​​a city in which they were oriented towards Go ahead during the first half of the walk and towards your mother or father on the other half of the walk.

The conclusions that came out of this experimental study are, at least, significant since when orienting the chair towards its parent the percentage of parents who talked, laughed, played and, in short, interacted with their baby was doubled. It was also found that 52% of children fell asleep earlier if they walked while looking at their parents compared to 27% who did if their orientation was towards the route.

Conclusion? According to this study, parents communicate more with their children and children sleep better and their heart rate is lower (less stress) when their chairs are oriented in the opposite direction of travel.

Orientation for or against the march?

So, does this mean that all strollers should be aimed at parents? As the baby grows he will be much more interested in his environment and from that point of view, orienting the chair towards the route can propitiate that independent principle of being interested in the world. If at that moment you decide to change the orientation of your stroller, do not forget to interact with him as much as possible so that he feels protected while discovering the wonderful world that lies beyond the face of his mother and father.

The solution: the Urban Duo

Our general recommendation, then, is to guide parents when they are younger to maintain eye contact and change their outward orientation when they are older and notice that they are curious about the world around them. But in short, whatever the orientation you want to give your baby's stroller or if you prefer to change it according to the day and mood of your baby, the Duo Urban stroller from Chicco offers you both possibilities thanks to its reversible chair that will allow you to use both directions of the march.

It is also composed of a carrycot designed for the first months of your baby's life, it folds easily, takes up very little space, has a double reclining system (reclining the backrest or tilting the structure), includes a reducer for the first months of life and both the hood, the leg cover and the comfort kit can change color every day.

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