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Share Witch's fingers: the most terrifying Halloween cookies!

Caro Ferrer @@ CocinadCarolina

Looking for something original and different to cook with my son on Halloween, I found some really scary cookies, to me at least: dead witch fingers cookies .

The name by itself already gives panic but it is also only to see them you get scared because they are super real. Bakemania has made these cookies for Halloween using a very simple cookie recipe.

The recipe will serve you as much to make these cookies as any other, it occurs to me that you can also make, with the same recipe, some ghosts (make a ball and then deformáis by the base pressing with your fingers to make it look like the ghost's skirt ).

In addition to serving as a snack, it will also serve to decorate a Halloween party, you can put them in transparent glasses as if they were bread sticks or coming out from inside a pumpkin or under a witch's cap.

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