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Share Apron to help in the kitchen

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

We have commented several times that it is advisable that from little children we put the children in the kitchen to prepare food, it will help them to come into contact with different ingredients and expand their preference for different flavors.

For their part, they take it as a game while they feel useful sharing the responsibilities of the home. No matter how small they are and however much they help, instead of helping, we should let them put their "hands in the dough" in their own way, even if they get dirty and leave the kitchen in a mess.

To keep clothes from getting stained by experimenting in the kitchen, the girls will love playing to be older by dressing up for the occasion. At Compradicción we are shown this feminine apron with ruffles by Zara Home, which by the way, has incorporated items for very beautiful children in their latest collection.

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