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Share Delicious pistachio and flower chocolates. Recipe for Valentine's Day

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I think chocolate we like everyone, especially dark chocolate. That's why it seems to me that it's a good idea to give some delicious pistachio and flower chocolates for Valentine's Day because, besides being beautiful, they are very rich and because they are small, eating them will not cause us as much remorse as pleasure.

As a Valentine's Day gift they are great because we can make them ourselves since preparing these tablets is much simpler than you imagine, practically the job of peeling and chopping the pistachios into pieces.

Ingredients to make 8 chocolates

  • 200 gr of chocolate covered, a spoonful of liquid cream, 24 pistachios, edible flower petals

How to make pistachio and flower chocolates for Valentine's Day

To make these chocolates we will need chocolate molds like the ones you have in the images. They can be found in department stores and specialized baking or confectionery stores and are made of plastic or silicone. If you do not get them, you can make chocolates instead of candy bars with silicone molds or coolers and the effect will be the same.

In the microwave, melt the chocolate cut into pieces, adding the spoonful of liquid cream and melting it in two batches of one minute, so that it does not pass. Between tanda and tanda, we give a few turns with some rods so that it is well founded.

When the chocolate is well flowed, fill the mold of the chocolates and then a spatula or silicone tongue to leave it at the level of the chocolate and removing the excess. Peel the pistachios and cut them into pieces .

Carefully sprinkle the chocolates with the pieces of pistachio and with the petals of edible flowers distributing them in an aesthetic way. We leave it to rest in the fridge so that the chocolate hardens and we unmold it for consumption.

Production time | 15 minutes Difficulty | Easy peasy


These pistachio and flower chocolates for Valentine's Day are so rich that they will disappear right away, no matter how beautiful they turn out to be. To use them as a gift you can pack them by wrapping them in cellophane paper and put a nice bow, keeping them in the fridge until the last moment.

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