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Share Dress up your baby with a popcorn bag inside his baby carrier

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

I have seen this super original costume and although it is not Carnival or Halloween I can not pass up the opportunity to show you.

It is often difficult to disguise a baby too small, because we want him to feel comfortable and have freedom of movement, things that some disguises impede. That's why, if you have a party, dress up your baby with a bag of popcorn . In addition, it has the advantage that it is delighted to stick to you inside your baby carrier bag .

In the blog This place is now home I give you the step by step of how to make the suit, which is really a backpack made with felt and a hat to which they have stuck real popcorn.

Reality is not complicated at all. It only takes a good dose of imagination and the dedication that this mother has given to make a beautiful costume.

You only need a white felt to which you will stick red vertical strips and a "Popcorn" sign. Once ready, you sew it with a couple of stitches to the baby carrier bag. The hat, very easy, you hit a few popcorn with the glue gun.

To accompany the disguise of a baby popcorn bag, the parents dressed as popcorn sellers. They wear white shirt, red bow tie and an apron, also red. Is not it great?

Via | This place is now home