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Share Funny masks of puff pastry and chocolate. Carnival Recipe for children

Pakus @futurobloguero

We are already in Carnival and to celebrate we have thought about this recipe that combines a craft task that we can do with the children and a dish that they can use as a costume and that they can also eat when they want. It is a fun masks of puff pastry and chocolate, which you surely like as much as my nieces.

The children can help us to draw the templates for the puff pastry, cutting them on cardboard and that will serve to cut the puff pastry. You can also participate in the decoration we will make with melted chocolate and sugar purples. It is going to be very fun.

Ingredients for 4 different masks

  • A refrigerated puff pastry sheet, 75 grams of chocolate covered, 1 beaten egg, 4 wooden skewers and edible sugar decorations

How to make puff pastry eyelashes

We started by designing the masks, which is a task in which children can participate with their creativity, drawing their ideas on paper. Then we passed the masks to cardboard and using it as a template, we cut the puff pastry with the same design .

Chop the puff pastry with a fork to avoid it rising too much when baked and varnished with beaten egg. Then we bake the masks at 200 ° C for about 10 minutes until they are a nice golden color.

For the decoration, we melted a little chocolate of special confectionery in a bowl, subjecting it to two sessions of one minute in the microwave at maximum power and beating between sessions with the rods.

We put the masks on a paper so as not to stain and with a moving spoon, we draw lines with the chocolate. We also put on the ends of the masks some thicker globs to use as glue to stick the decorative sugar glitter.

We finish the work by putting a skewer in one of the ends so that it can be used as an element of a disguise in the style of the Venice Carnival . Then we can play with the children not to recognize them when they wear the mask.

Production time | 30 minutes plus design work Difficulty | Easy


It's a shame, but the fate of our puff pastry masks for Carnival is that children eat them once the costume party is over. If you want, you can also make more small puffs taking advantage of the cuts to get them out at the party. It's going to be fun!

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