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Share Two in one: sack and baby carrier warm

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

I have seen in Babygadget this baby carrier that I have loved for the winter, and coincidentally my shopping mates have also been interested in this original way of transporting the baby.

Many parents are joining the use of new items to carry the baby a few months "on top" instead of in the stroller. With this type of transport the baby "travels" pegadito to the breast of its mother or of its father, which is very beneficial for both.

This sling is called Lodger Shelter and besides being very warm it has a peculiarity with respect to the others. It also allows to use it as a bag to shelter the baby and has openings to pass the safety belt of the stroller or the cuquito of the car.

Another advantage is that for those who do not master the art of tying scarves, this baby carrier closes easily with a brooch over the shoulder.

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