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Eva Paris @paris_eva

Many times we talk about the effects that alcohol or tobacco can have on the development of the unborn child. Today we are going to stop at the effects of hard drugs on the fetus .

Already in 1991, studies on the effects of cocaine use were published, and the serious problems that the use of heroin and other toxic substances such as LSD can cause in the fetus are also known.

A line of cocaine can kill the fetus, as documented in cases of mothers who consumed at 35 weeks of gestation: the baby suffered massive brain micro-infarcts. Cocaine consumption can also lead to premature birth or detachment of placenta, and its negative effects are unquestionable in the baby's neuronal development, and can produce cognitive alterations.

In addition, cocaine causes hypertension and vasoconstriction, which can also contribute to the appearance of brain lesions in the fetus (mental retardation, cerebral palsy, epilepsies, microcephaly, necrosis ...).

Despite all these risks, cocaine use is still prevalent in certain areas among pregnant women.

Regarding heroin, it also has an immediate effect on the baby, affecting the formation of the brain and nervous system. The chances of the baby's brain not working properly multiply with the use of heroin. In addition, the baby will be born with a strong addiction and will have to treat the withdrawal syndrome as if he were a drug addict.

Psychotropic drugs such as LSD and its derivatives can produce pseudopsychosis, hallucinations and other pathological conditions in the baby.

As we see, the consumption of all these hard drugs during pregnancy can trigger fatal consequences during pregnancy for the health and even the life of the fetus, apart from the damage caused by the adult.

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