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Share Alcohol, the main cause of congenital defects in pregnancy

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

One of the greatest threats that endangers the health of the baby inside the womb is alcohol, the main cause of birth defects and development of the baby .

While experts recommend not to consume even a drop of alcohol during pregnancy, and even before looking for pregnancy, even 25% of women continue to drink when they find out they are expecting a baby.

The reason is that alcohol can produce physical, psychological, behavioral complications, alterations in learning and possible sequelae throughout life that are absolutely preventable if pregnant women made the effort to leave the glasses aside for a few months.

Among the defects that can cause are the facial malformations such as small eye openings and cleft lip or palate. It may also present a small size for your gestational age, suction problems or alterations in other organs.

In terms of development, it can be affected by poor coordination, hyperactive behavior or learning disabilities such as delayed speech and language.

In addition, alcohol is one of the most frequent causes of mental retardation in children. It may be related to a low IQ, poor reasoning ability and difficulty sleeping

It is logical that in such a scenario the experts recommend abstaining completely from alcohol consumption during pregnancy. There are those who defend a moderate consumption, while others strongly advise against it because there is no "harmless" measure.

Just in case, it is preferable to make a small effort and prevent any possible problem.

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