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Share The baby cries when his clothes are removed

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

It has happened to my two youngest daughters and is very frequent in newborn babies. Many babies feel uncomfortable and cry when their clothes are removed .

At the time of changing or taking off the clothes to bathe the baby becomes tense and nervous until it breaks to mourn when you remove the last item that keeps contact with your skin.

Some parents believe that it is due to their lack of skill to undress, but although the skill and smooth movements help the baby to cope better that moment, many children cry because they feel unprotected, vulnerable.

It has nothing to do with the cold in the room. Although the ambient temperature is high, the baby misses the contact of the clothes with his skin.

In cultures where babies go bare-chested, this does not usually happen, but in our culture, where we are covered by clothes since we are born, when we take off the clothes that cover their skin, it feels strange.

You may not accept massages or pampering. It is even possible that during the first baths you may be crying and not enjoy them. He does not like the feeling of having his skin exposed to the air, but he can calm his anxiety by covering his gut and chest with a towel or a rough garment.

When you change it, always have your change ready so that the baby remains without clothes as soon as possible. To move it from the changing table to the bathtub, and vice versa, always do it by covering the body with a towel. Once she is dressed again she will stop crying.

Later, around eight or nine months at the stage where they begin to discover their own body, instead of crying when seen without clothes the baby will touch his naked torso with his hands and rub his gut feeling his own skin . You will begin to enjoy the feeling of freedom when you are naked.

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