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We all know how important it is to start each day on the right foot. The fundamental basis at the start of the day is to start with a good breakfast, considered the most important meal of the day. The food we eat in the first hour will give us energy for the rest of the day and also make us recover the strength lost after so many hours of fasting.

Approximately 15 percent of our children suffer from obesity. We have already commented on several occasions the importance of tackling overweight in children as soon as possible because of the multiple consequences that can occur when they reach adults.

One of the keys in the fight against obesity is to make a good breakfast . It will ensure that the child is not so hungry throughout the morning and thus prevent him from pecking, one of the biggest responsible for childhood overweight.

Unfortunately, only 25 percent of Spanish children and adolescents eat breakfast correctly. There are many reasons that explain why. One of the most frequent in our days is the lack of time. Many children have to get up very early to go to school, and do not have time to eat breakfast for 15 or 20 minutes that experts recommend.

Although it may seem like a lie, there are children who have pizza or croquettes. Some parents choose to give the child the food that they ask for as long as they do not go to class without eating. This is not the solution either. There are also many who go to class without taking anything because they are not hungry as soon as they wake up. According to recent studies, about 8 percent of children do not eat breakfast.

Children, being in continuous physical and intellectual development, need a correct nutritional contribution from the first minute of the day.

The feeding of the first meal of the day should be the same as the rest of the day, varied and balanced. The foods that should include are:

  • Dairy products: milk, yoghurts, cheeses are included ... If the child is overweight, ideally they should be semi-skimmed. Remember that throughout the day should be taken half a liter of milk or its equivalents to meet the needs of calcium.
  • Carbohydrates in the form of cereals, cookies or bread. Regarding the famous children's cereals, it is recommended to forget about the chocolate and those of inflated rice, and to return to those of all the life, since these contain too much sugars and saturated fats. Carbohydrates provide the energy necessary for the body to start and especially for the functioning of the brain that can only use this energy source. The bread can be put on toast with olive oil and / or tomato, and remove the butters and jams.
  • Fruits: to provide a good dose of vitamins. Try to avoid as much as possible the industrial juices and return to the landlords.
  • Other foods that can be incorporated are low-fat eggs or cold meats such as serrano ham or cooked ham. Regarding the pastries should be included only on exceptional occasions. Homemade pastries such as biscuits and muffins are a good alternative that can be abused more often.

In total, between 20 and 25 percent of the total calories for the entire day should be included.

To encourage our children to join this habit so healthy, it is best to sit down to breakfast with them, so they also assimilate it by imitation, and prolong this moment for approximately 20 minutes, at least 15 minutes. Going to bed every night 15 minutes before is sufficient and will be easier.

Currently, the average number of minutes devoted to breakfast is only five minutes. We have to forget the habit of a quick coffee and work.

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