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In my student days my teacher of children's literature whom I greatly admired, told us that the first poetry for children had been a lullaby also known as nana or arrorrĂ³ .

And in these happy times of my mother I remember how my child when I was a baby fell in my arms and in those of Morpheus under the effect of a soft arrorrĂ³.

The lullabies have been transmitted orally from generation to generation. A loving cooing that has calmed and slept babies of all times and in all cultures. By popular tradition it is known that nannies exercise a calming power on the baby. Today we know that this reassuring effect is due to the fact that the baby since the fifth month of pregnancy already listens to the voice of his parents.

Lullabies have a monotonous and repetitive rhythm similar to that of heartbeats and babies remind them of intrauterine life where all their needs were met.

In each sung lullaby there is a portion of love that makes the baby calm down before discomforts, it does them good when they are bad (when they have colic), at the same time that it reinforces the bond of attachment. And if the child is balanced in the arms this effect multiplies.

Do not hesitate to sing to your baby, so you do not have a good voice; for the baby it will be the prettiest voice that helps you sleep, relax and feel loved.

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