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Share The game: fun and creativity for children and adults

Eva Paris @paris_eva

We often talk about the importance of play in the development of babies and children, but it is also a stimulating activity for adults. That's why we propose you to enjoy the benefits of playing with your children .

Because play means fun, and also we dads like to have fun. If those moments are shared with the children, the pleasure of the game reaches everyone, and although summer and holidays are an ideal time to play together, we should not forget about it the rest of the year.

The game is enjoyable by itself, entertaining and absorbing, defined by some authors as "what we do for fun on a voluntary basis." It is a challenge, an unexpected situation, and it comforts us. It is universal, and children do not understand languages ​​playing.

It is the basis of the second stage of the child's development according to Piaget, the preoperational phase that lasts until seven years, where the game is the center of life and the means of learning knowledge for children.

Doctor of Philosophy Scott G. Eberle, expert in studies of culture and history and game science, editor of the "American Journal of Play" and author of several specialized books, points out the following phases of the game :

  • Anticipation, anxious waiting, wondering what will happen, full of curiosity.
  • Surprise at a discovery, a new sensation or idea, or a change of perspective.
  • Pleasure in the face of this new situation that opens up different possibilities in the scheme of the game.
  • Understanding in the acquisition of a new knowledge of a new facet that perhaps we did not know.
  • Strength when experiencing the comforting feeling of having overcome the challenge or having confronted him.

And although it seems that these phases and their results are mitigated in adults by force of habit, it is not so. Any "I see", any puzzle, any hiding place, we will have fun, to make our mind relax and enter is a state of well-being. Are we going to deprive children of that, who play less and less?

So do not think more. As soon as you are in family, we will enjoy the game with your children, even without the need for toys. Inventing stories, disguising ourselves, playing ball, catch-pilla, see-see


Putting body and mind into operation Any time and place is suitable for different games. They and we ourselves will appreciate it .

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