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This week, the Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers (AEFJ) has demanded that the toy be declared an Asset of Cultural Interest . With this, it is sought that the toy has the same status that the videogame or the books intended for children can have nowadays.

For this, the AEFJ has promoted a teddy bear wearing a T-shirt where you can read "Soy Cultura, the toy of Cultural Interest". And for next May 28, the date on which the World Game Day will take place, the association has prepared various activities among which are a solidarity act in the Ministry of Culture and a day dedicated especially to games and families .

At the presentation of this initiative in Barcelona, ​​in addition to the president of the AEFJ, Jose Antonio Pastor, has also attended the president of the International Association for the Right of Children to Play (Ipa), Inma Marín.

The toy industry of our country is considered the second most important in Europe and one of the most interested and concerned about design, quality and pedagogical value due to the high international competition that is seen in this sector.

And you, what do you think? Should the toy be considered an Asset of Cultural Interest ?

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