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Eva Paris @paris_eva

The offers for the return to school usually include school supplies, uniforms, sports equipment ... But why not take advantage of an offer that thinks about the sandwiches that lead to school? Today I talk about a lot back to school never seen: ham to prepare lunch sandwiches .

These boxes that can be found in Carrefour mix books and pencils with a juicy reserve ham, sausages, tenderloin, cheese and olive oil. To make the sandwiches well complete, up to 200 sandwiches, as they claim.

Of course, from here we advise you to think about which are the healthiest sandwiches for kids and that you make more use of ham and loin with cheese, healthier to accompany bread, than chorizo ​​and sausage, more fatty and that should be more sporadic in the children's diet.

And although we have not found these boxes to show you online, there is an offer of a slightly larger lot that is announced as follows:

Special offer Back to school !! Let no child be left without eating ham and no mother without filling the pantry for the whole family.

Of course, this lot includes "material" not suitable for children, because next to ham, sausage, cheese, tuna, asparagus, peppers ... there is a bottle of wine.

As a lover of ham and with some heiresses convinced of this gastronomic hobby, I am sure that this batch back to school with ham and sausages for snacks would not last even the first quarter. But what good profit we would get him ...!

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