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Share The best Christmas gift

Armando @armando_bastida

A couple of days ago we talked about babies and more about the amount of suitable gifts and also commented that the most appropriate are those that make parents share time with their children.

Today I want to repeat the theme because I found this vignette of the always sharp Forges and a story that could perfectly accompany it:

    A young couple entered the best toy trade in the city.
    Man and woman entertained themselves by looking unhurriedly at the colorful toys lined up on the shelves and hanging from the ceiling, in joyful disorder. There were dolls that cried and laughed, electronic games, miniature kitchens where pies and cakes were made. They did not get to decide.
    They were approached by a very nice salesgirl.
    "Look, " the woman said, "we have a little girl, but we are almost all day away from home and, sometimes, even at night."
    "It's a baby that barely smiles, " said the man.
    "We would like to buy something that would make her happy, " the woman added, "even when we were not there.


    Something that would give her joy even when she was alone. "

    "I'm sorry, " smiled the clerk gently, but "we do not sell parents here."

Forges with his illustration and Pedro Alonso with his story show us a pinch of the lives of many children, who often without knowing or being able to express it, feel the need to spend more time with their parents. Without a doubt, the best Christmas gift we can offer our children is our time .

Image | Forges Vía (text) | The alternative blog In Babies and more | Pediatricians recommend giving away no more than 3 toys, a valuable gift: dedicating time only for our children, dedicating time to children is beneficial for their development in the first years of life, relate the time we spend with children with their behavior