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Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

Lately I think that detractors arose even for the most unusual things. People who like to disagree or sow controversy just to go against the grain.

I was amazed to hear the opinion of some parents about the Glutton Baby, the first baby doll manufactured in Spain to be breast-fed instead of a bottle. In my opinion it is a completely innocent toy that does not intend more than to normalize breastfeeding among children, but there are those who have created a great controversy around it. .

Manny Alvarez, editor in chief of the 'Salud' section of, supports the idea of ​​some parents who, seeing their daughters play, raising their shirts and putting the doll to their chest, have thought about a possible risk or trauma for their girls. They argue that it could lead to pregnancies at very young ages and that the action of breastfeeding is too mature for a girl.

Is not it too much to think that way? Or am I very naive ? Does playing babies incite girls to want children at an early age? What is the difference between a doll that is given the bottle with one that is given the breast, the most natural way to feed a baby ?. Is more dangerous?

Beyond whether the baby drinks a bottle or is breastfed, the girls recreate scenes of everyday life through symbolic play. The daily thing is that there are mothers who feed their babies that way. Children can see it in a mall, on the street or at the home of a family member or friend. It's normal and I think it's positive that children see it that way.

Not because of playing at being mothers the girls want to get pregnant, nor for the fact of playing at being firefighters children will get in the middle of a fire to pretend to extinguish it. It is clear that they are not old enough for that yet.

I sincerely see absurd the controversy that has been mounted on the Glutton Baby, a toy that has been born with the intention of representing one more situation of everyday life, that of breastfeeding. What do you think?

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