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The hands of a newborn baby soften us but also surprise us by the strength they have when squeezing, this is called reflex of grip . When we put an object or our finger in the hand of the baby, he grabs it and squeezes it with his little hand so that we could even lift it up to stand it without letting it go.

Although the funny thing is that this same reflection is also in the feet, when they rub against a surface, the baby shrugs the toes of his feet as if he wanted to cling to something. According to experts, this reflex is something inherited from our ancestors, when humans had large amounts of body hair it served babies to cling to the body of the mother in case of danger.

This reflex disappears in a short time and is replaced by a new type of behavior that is learned, that contains intention and that develops as the baby's brain matures, when it begins to acquire coordination, ability to grasp and manipulate things, etc. Mastering hands on a baby requires learning and a continual discovery that we can see clearly. During the first month we see how the baby keeps his fist closed almost all the time, the grip reflex is the order of the day. During the second month, he keeps this reflex but with less rigor, the baby opens his hands more often. In the third month a remarkable change begins, subject without strength an object that you put in your little hand and shake it, although you still do not look at it.

In the fourth month he begins to look at his little hands, he takes them to his mouth and sucks them. The change begins to be accentuated much more thanks to the maturation of his brain, already entered the fifth month, the baby begins to stretch his hands to try to touch an object, although it still costs a little because he does not calculate distances well. The change from the fifth to the sixth month is very significant, you can pick up objects with one hand and look at them. During the seventh month he is able to catch two objects at a time, one in each hand thanks to the development of his sense of coordination and visual focus.

From this moment, the awareness that the baby has on his hands is very remarkable, during the eighth month, the baby learns to let go of things and even drops the toys on purpose, this action is part of their learning related to the coordination. In the following months until the end of the year, he will take the toys to explore them, he will hit them to make them sound, he will start to pick up small things, using his thumb and forefinger as if it were a pair of tweezers. If you give him a children's book, he will try to turn the pages, he will be able to mount a tower with the toy cubes and he will throw a ball at us with his hand.

Until reaching this point, your child has experienced a great evolution thanks to continuous learning, numerous trials have paid off, they are small and big advances that help you and allow you to keep evolving. Observe how a baby develops in all its aspects provides great satisfaction, their intellectual, physical and emotional evolution are guaranteed, because thanks to their hands, they have the world at their fingertips.

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