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We already know the different harmful effects that tobacco can cause in the child if the mother smokes during pregnancy.

We know that there is a relationship with the physical development of the baby, and we also start talking about alterations from the psychic point of view and in the area of ​​behavior.

Aggressiveness, hyperactivity and delinquency are among the qualities that can be affected due to tobacco.

Now in a new study this vice is also related to introversion and depression.

According to the prestigious journal of psychiatry "Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry", the children of women who smoked 10 or more cigarettes during pregnancy are more likely to have depressive behaviors during childhood or adolescence.

The essay analyzed the responses of the parents of 396 children about the behaviors of their children in three different ages, at 5, 10-11 and 18 years. The children of the smoking mothers obtained higher scores in depressive and internalization behaviors in all the periods analyzed.

To make the results more reliable, they were taken into account and other factors were eliminated that can also cause depressive behavior to avoid altering the conclusions.

In addition, the authors conclude that this susceptibility can be extended until the end of adolescence or adult life.

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