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Share The tone of women's voice changes after becoming mothers, we explain why

Lucy Ortega @LucyUMM

After having children, there are many changes that we notice in our body: from our tummy and our breasts, to our skin and hair. All of them are changes that we can see at a glance and of which we can easily realize.

But, did you know that your tone of voice also changes after becoming a mother ? A recent study discovered it and explains why this happens.

According to this new research from the School of Psychology at the University of Sussex, women's tone of voice drops temporarily after having their first baby .

After analyzing the variations in the voices of women for 10 years, 5 years before and 5 years after having children, they found that after becoming mothers, the tone of voice was reduced and also became more monotonous . However, this only happens during the first year after having your babies.

It is believed that this can be caused by all the hormonal changes that are experienced during pregnancy and postpartum, because according to researchers, the tone of voice of women also usually change with the menstrual cycle, becoming higher during the fertile days and decreasing after menopause.

Another theory of the researchers, is that this change of voice after the birth of the first baby, may be due to a question of behavior. That is to say, that women modulate their voice to sound a little more authoritarian, as they are now in the position of mothers and face the challenges that motherhood brings for them.

Similarly, the change in the tone of voice could also be due to the physical and mental fatigue that is experienced during the first months with the baby, although the researchers do not consider that this is the main reason.

This study is another proof of the incredible and total transformation we undergo when we become mothers, because even our tone of voice is modified with the arrival of the baby .

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