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Share Appliances and children: safety tips

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

The appliances are to make our lives easier. They help us to save time and work in different tasks of the home, but it is fundamental that we make them a responsible use taking into account the protection of the little ones.

The kitchen is one of the most dangerous environments in the house, along with the bathroom, among other things because they are the places where we usually use the appliances. These can reach high temperatures, contain cullilas or dangerous pieces.

Children have no sense of danger as we adults have, so we must maximize the precautions both before buying and when to use them. So let's list some safety tips to avoid accidents with children.

Before buying an appliance

  • Not only do we have to take into account the price but also the possible risks that it may have for our children. Avoid having flashy reasons that can be confused with a toy (eg, toasters, sandwich makers, blenders, etc.)

  • Choose those models that have security lock . The most modern large appliances (washing machines, dryers, dishwashers) incorporate this system. It is activated and deactivated so that only adults can touch the controls.

  • Prefer appliances with action switch maintained to prevent accidental start-up.

  • Make sure you do not have accessible electrical parts.

  • Choose appliances that carry the double insulation symbol.

  • Choose those that incorporate deep interlocking sockets.

Safety tips for the kitchen and bathroom

  • If possible, place the oven on high, not only because they can handle the controls but because of the risk of burns. If this is not possible, there are obstacles to prevent children from accessing the controls. The same with the microwave oven, always out of the reach of children.

  • Never leave cables within the reach of children and of course cover all the plugs (do not be a thing to be plugged in the appliances himself)

  • Special attention to the iron, one of the most dangerous small appliances along with the fan. Never leave the iron on without supervision, do not allow the child to refill the water tank and use the cable trays to prevent the cable from hanging.

  • Once the use of both the iron and a blender, a hair dryer or the appliance is complete, it is very important to acquire the habit of unplugging it immediately and store it in a place unattainable for the child.

  • If you use heaters at home, always watch the child and turn them off at night. In case of humidifiers or vaporizers, always place them high.

  • Leave large appliances with the lid always closed when not in use.

  • An appliance is not only dangerous when in use. Being stored or placed in an unstable manner (for example, the television) can have serious consequences for children.

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