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Share In the postpartum avoid bathing

Mireia Long

Summer, the beach and the pool, the heat ... despite having a huge dream, you want to take a good dip. But the story of the old woman who discourages bathing in the postpartum is true. It's not convenient. There are other myths of those that our grandmothers repeated that are not so wise, but in this case, they were right.

The reason is that the cervix, which had to give way to the baby, needs time to close completely. And in the uterus there are wounds that must be healed. At the beginning of the puerperium we can notice the hard uterus. Then it will relax and adopt its normal form. The vagina has also suffered a vascularization and you have to let it recover. The cervix will be closed. You have to be patient.

Since the cervix has not yet been closed, a bath could cause water to enter the body and produce an infection. Therefore the immersion bath is not recommended either in the bathtub or on the beaches and pools. So as much as you fancy in the hot days it is better to take a shower and cool down drinking cool water. There will be time for baths, now we have to take good care of ourselves.

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