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Share, Unicef's website for children

Eva Paris @paris_eva

The Unicef ​​page in Spanish and aimed at the youngest is called, and offers interesting contents so that the children of this first world discover the deficiencies that childhood has in other worlds not so far away.

In we find information about the world days in which important aspects for childhood are claimed, such as health or water. Precisely water scarcity and difficulties to access it occupy an important place on the web, with reports and games that aim to raise awareness of the small of its great value.

We also find comics and pedagogical material developed in collaboration with Unicef ​​and intended for early childhood, primary or secondary education.

The notebook that interests us, that of children, includes a reminder about what the Millennium Development Goals are and focuses on an African country, Niger, to analyze all its deficiencies in maternal and child health, nutrition ...

It also includes some hobbies to learn and be aware of the needs of other places having fun. A good way to encourage social awareness and solidarity from very young .

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