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Share Listening to or playing music with your children helps to have a closer relationship with them

Lucy Ortega @LucyUMM

In addition to being responsible for the care of our children, as parents we are interested in having a close relationship with them, to continue listening to them and supporting them beyond their childhood and adolescence. There are many things we can do to foster a close relationship with our children, such as spending time together or sharing an activity that they like.

And one of them may be the songs you like, as a recent study found that parents who listen or play music with their children have a closer relationship with them .

Published in the Journal of Family Communication and conducted by researchers at the University of Arizona, this new study analyzed the link between the commitment that parents and children had to music, and the quality of the relationship that would exist between them at the beginning of the adult life of the children.

The study analyzed two different ways of sharing musical activities: casual and structured . The casual way included listening to music or going to concerts together, while the structured form considered playing an instrument together.

In both cases, it was found that by participating in these musical activities, there would be a better relationship between parents and children, when they reached adulthood . According to the results of the study, these effects appeared to be greater when the aforementioned activities occurred during the adolescence of the children.

Researchers explain that this happens because by sharing these activities where they listen or play music together, they develop greater empathy and interpersonal coordination . With this, it is believed that music could then help strengthen other relationships, such as grandparents with grandchildren, or even improve the relationship.

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