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Share Espai Aigua, an ideal nursery school in Barcelona

Mireia Long

Espai Aigua has seemed like an ideal nursery school that offers what I would ask for the place I had to take to a small child. It is not usual to find spaces that propose a really adequate system for what I believe is the best for this stage.

That the children's school that we take our children to be respectful, safe and adequate to their real needs is one of the greatest concerns of parents. To make this true, it is necessary to verify the organization of the school, its pedagogical project, the environment of respect for children and their families and it is also very important that a low ratio be offered.

In this line, not very usual, I found a project of recent creation that I found ideal. It is Espai Aigua and is located in Barcelona.

After studying his presentation, I have no doubt that it is an example of what I would expect from a small children's school, since it focuses on children and their emotional and intellectual needs, based on play and respect for their natural evolutionary processes. . For me it is a model to follow.

The Espai Aigua project launches a group that aims to be an alternative to schooling during the childhood stage, from two to six years.

It offers a pedagogical framework based on free and active education, designed to give continuity in this environment to families that have opted for this type of upbringing that respects the child's integral and evolutive development.

It aims to offer an adequate and safe environment that allows children to explore and experiment, respecting personal processes and their emotional expressions at all times.

It also tries to strengthen social networks and give support in an adventure as important as being mothers and fathers, sharing experiences, disappointments, joys or doubts.

Espai Aigua has created a store consists of two diaphanous floors and a patio with a maximum ratio of 6 children per educator where they offer accompaniment to the children with qualified professionals and spaces for motor skills, music and dance, games and workshops, as well as a quiet place For resting.

The playground is sunny and the toys and pedagogical materials are selected that respect and stimulate the innate curiosity of children through the senses and direct experience.

Parents can participate in meetings in which to expose their doubts and needs, being the protagonists of the education of their children.

They also offer another type of services oriented to the upbringing, so the visit to your page seems important to the parents of Barcelona.

On other occasions I have presented projects to you in different cities that I also like and I will continue looking for alternatives that I can introduce to you, like Espai Aigua, ideal children's schools.

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