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Share "Are you babysitting?" and 19 other irritating phrases that parents have to hear when caring for their children

Laura Guerrero

The role of parents has changed radically in just one generation. Now men want to be part of their child's life from the moment they learn they are going to be dads and, of course, this way of living paternity continues during the upbringing.

However, it seems that a part of society still considers men as "second-rate" parents and they have to listen to unwanted comments when they are alone with their children. A British website has compiled them: Are you a babysitter? It is just one of the irritating comments that parents have to hear when they take care of their children alone.

Mentality change

We are more accustomed to listening to women complain about the roles that society imposes on them as mothers and they do not lack reason. But what about the parents? The British website has conducted a study among 2, 000 of them and it turns out that more than half had received comments that had bothered them when they were on the street alone with their children.

The founder of the website, Siobhan Freegard, comments on the results of her survey:

"Almost all issues related to parenting still only focus on the mother's participation, so it's no wonder that parents are fed up." Modern men are more parents than ever, so it's frustrating for them when people are surprised that they can take care of their children. "

Are you babysitting?

Among the unwanted comments that the participating parents receive, they get on their nerves especially those who question their capacity as caregivers. Here are the most frequent phrases that you have had to listen to:

  1. You have it well trained (assuming that the "training" work has been done by the mother).
  2. You're doing it wrong, it should be like that.
  3. Are you disappointed that your baby was not a child?

  4. Are you babysitting today?

  5. It's nice to see a man taking care of the children.

  6. I bet you're looking forward to your wife coming back.

  7. Oh, your baby is huge!

  8. Get used to not having sex again now that the children have arrived.

  9. Who has ironed the children's clothes?

  10. Did your wife make you children's clothes?

  11. There is always one who is late!

  12. Wow! (surprise) You're pretty good at changing diapers.

  13. Look, you've managed to get there on time.

  14. You are such a practical father ...

  15. You are a blandengue.

  16. Where is your partner?

  17. Oh, you have remembered to prepare the bag for Physical Education (very surprising also).

  18. Is it hard to work full time when you have a baby?

  19. Your baby seems very happy with you.

  20. It must be difficult for you to get up early with the children.

Doubts about his ability

Many women complain that when they are mothers, at work they seem to have to prove that they are as valid as before becoming pregnant. Well, it seems that in the case of men something similar happens with fatherhood: their capacity is questioned and hence the surprise comments when they do something that women are known to be.

Although a part of society continues to see them like this, the study reveals that they have a more equal vision regarding the distribution of parenting:

"Most British parents believe their parental burden is shared 50% with their partner - and the rest considers it a 70-30 division - and slightly less than half agree that men have a bad reputation When it comes to being parents, in fact, 57 percent of respondents believe that people think they are not as good parents as the mother of their children. "

The most critical, women

This survey also reveals a blushing fact: most of these irritating phrases came from mothers-in-law, couples or other mothers, in that order. That is, women.

In other previous surveys, it was highlighted that, many times, men consider that the mother exerts too much control over the upbringing and that they would like to have more participation in decision-making about the children. And this has important consequences, since it has been seen that excessive criticism of the mother during the first months of the baby's life negatively affects the upbringing.

A crucial role

It is difficult (especially because the task is 50% divided should be contrasted), but give a little control and leave parents space to be parents in their own way has important benefits for the family. Studies say that babies of parents who are involved in parenting learn faster, even pediatricians advise that parents spend more time with their children because their treatment is different from that of mothers.

It seems that dads also have to deal with the excessive criticism of society towards the upbringing that exists today. I hope that no parent has to listen more "are you babysitting when you see him alone with his son.

Via The Independent

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