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Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

One of the positive effects of the crisis we are going through is that this Christmas we will spend less on toys . You have to see the positive side of everything, and I definitely think that being more moderate in buying small gifts is reasonable, whether there is a crisis or not.

According to a report prepared by Eroski Consumer in nine autonomous communities, an average of 70 euros per child will be spent . The bad economic situation makes a dent in consumers and one in four ensures that your budget will decrease an average of 79 euros compared to last year . Number, last year's, almost 150 euros in toys per child, which really seems disproportionate.

The important thing is not in the euros that are spent on toys. It is preferable to choose few quality toys that many of low quality.

When choosing toys, in three out of four occasions educational toys are chosen, although what is most taken into account when choosing one or the other is what the children ask for in their letters.

Among the most chosen, they are followed by crafts, video games, toys for sports, and dolls and stuffed animals.

Returning to the habits of families in the consumption of toys, 80 percent of respondents said that this Christmas will pay no less than 205 euros in the purchase of toys for children . Taking into account that in addition to the children is also purchased for nephews, grandchildren, children of friends, etc., the average has been calculated at 70 euros per child .

If we look back, three years ago the figure was 187 euros on average per child, and although it has decreased compared to last year I think it is quite reasonable and even more than it would be desirable .

The crisis has forced to change habits in the purchase of gifts. That this Christmas we spend less on toys I see it as something positive. In short, it benefits the children to whom we teach that the essence of Christmas is not the amount of gifts or the money they cost.

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