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Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

The crawling phase covers between the eighth and eleventh month, although there are some babies who skip this stage to start walking directly.

Crawling is a very important stage in its evolutionary development as it helps strengthen and develop the muscles and bones of the entire body, in addition to giving greater self-confidence and endowing it with greater autonomy.

There are several exercises and games that you can practice with your baby to stimulate the crawling and its motor evolution.

For example, while you change it, extend and flex your legs as if you were pedaling on a bicycle. You can also make it roll over on top of the bed or a rug. You can also pass a sheet or a scarf under the gut and hold it with your hands. This will help you maintain your balance and give you security until you learn by yourself.

Another thing that you will love is that you crawl on his side on four legs and help him move. You also walk the house on all fours as if it were the most normal thing in the world.

There are also several very effective toys for this stage that help the child coordinate their movements. The balls with noises and colors are very good, as well as the cylindrical toys with wheels that make the baby push and chase them.

Activity blankets and floor gyms are toys that stimulate the baby's movements prior to crawling.

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