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I'm in the final stretch of the first quarter 13 weeks + 3 days, with him also have gone so nauseous nausea that I have "bad" accompanied during these first three months.

I begin to feel better, although fatigue at the end of the day is still there. You know that with the first pregnancy one can rest at ease, but with the second there is a child to attend, who says "mother" two hundred times a day. Fortunately, when his dad arrives in the afternoon he starts calling him two hundred times before going to sleep.

I have begun to feel the first movements of the baby, very mild especially when I am lying down. My son is getting more and more excited with his little brother, he likes to put his ears on my belly to hear according to him the bubbles "glu, glu, glu" that the baby makes.

Last week I had the second ultrasound. It is so exciting to see him, his little hands, his legs, his spine and imagine his face. It's nice to see how he goes inside me floating in a prenatal dance from here to there, plus with the size of my belly has a space to do Olympic gymnastics. Yesterday I checked all the clothes I have stored that will inherit from his brother. Many tell me that if she is a girl, the one I have stored will not be useful. Nothing farther from reality, I will know how to combine the child's clothes to look like a girl (if this were the case). I do not like the pink-celestial stereotype, I detest it, that division that from the beginning is made, nothing disgusts me more than not finding red, green, blue clothes, colors full of life just started on the shelves of baby shops instead of the classic pink-blue uniforms.

I continue taking folic acid in addition to an iodine supplement that according to the doctor is beneficial to prevent mental deficiencies according to the latest research, one of the additional reasons to eat many things from the sea. Luckily for here there is "octopus to the Galician", a delight of the region beneficial for pregnancy and that I am pleased with the palate. In the first pregnancy the octopus was my craving, in this it seems to me the gazpacho, luckily also a source of vitamins, I am able to take a liter of a single sitting.

From now on I will surely start to enjoy my pregnancy better just as summer begins. A luxury.

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