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Eva Paris @paris_eva

During the birth we have sweated from the effort, but we can not say goodbye so soon to excessive perspiration. After giving birth, there is usually an excess of sweating in women, thus eliminating the liquids retained during pregnancy.

It is, therefore, a normal physiological function, perspiration or sweating is one of the ways that the body has to eliminate accumulated fluids and usually lasts a week after delivery, and even more. The body must be given time to carry out its hormonal readjustments in the postpartum period.

During pregnancy there is an increase in water in the tissues, which is eliminated during the first weeks of puerperium. In this stage increases the elimination of urine and sweat : by this method about two liters of water are lost.

The excess of sweat will also depend on the characteristics of each woman and her tendency to perspiration before pregnancy, but an increase in this stage is usually habitual.

There is no need to worry about this, and the only thing we have to take into account is that the liquids are replaced . The body will ask us, especially if we breastfeed the baby, therefore we must drink the water that we think is necessary to quench the thirst.

Many women sweat especially at night in hot seasons, then it may be good to put on a few clothes, breathable, and a towel on the pillow if we do not want to leave it wet. Because of the abundant sweating, it is possible that phenomena of skin irritation occur.

Only if the sweat is accompanied by a fever should we worry and consult the gynecologist. Removing this case, excess sweating in the postpartum is normal and it is a matter of weeks before the body recovers its normal rhythm.

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