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Share Explaining what is internet to a four-year-old girl

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

"Dad, what's the internet?" Natalia asked her father. A question that your children will soon ask you, if they have not done so yet, so be better prepared. Through drawings and simple explanations, the father spent forty minutes explaining what is Internet to his four-year-old girl . Take note.

Before starting to talk about computer and transnisiĆ³n data, the father started with a drawing (small box) in which you can see two houses connected by a tunnel or magic tube that allows us to reach the sites very quickly to go play to the house of friends or strangers, whenever they allow it, and return at any time.

Then he went on to explain something similar but with computers, telephones and TV, through which houses and people can be connected to each other thanks to the "magic tube".

The explanation followed with more specific questions such as putting in the magic tube a drawing that Natalia had made for her friends to see, and could even comment and write comments about the colors, whether it was beautiful, etc.

Of course, the father's is a didactic way of explaining what the internet is to a four-year-old girl . You can also apply this scheme as a mental map, a system that helps young children to better visualize knowledge.

Oh, and by the way, do not forget to tell them, also with words they can understand, the importance of security in the use of the internet.

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