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Exploreco is a program of Dideco stores whose main objective is to bring children, youth and adults to the technical and scientific processes through the game.

Through Exploreco games you can learn by playing about the universe, history, physical phenomena, technology etc. in a funny way For example; to learn and check Newton's law of action and reaction have a car with a balloon. Just enough to inflate the balloon, remove the mouthpiece and wham! to roll It will look like magic to a child, but it contains a whole physical theory.

I have particularly liked construction games, with blocks and various shapes you can build The Roman Colosseum, The Tower of Pisa, an Egyptian Pyramid


In Dideco stores you will also find stationery and plastic, children's literature, and educational materials for schools. It can be purchased online or by visiting its stores in:

Madrid: C / Archbishop Cos. 17 (linear city). C / Xaudaró 36 (next to the Ramón y Cajal Hospital). Puerta de Toledo Market. Round of Toledo 1. Valencia: C / Jorge Juan 21.

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