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Share Photos of pregnancy: the natural beauty of motherhood

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

Pregnancy is a state of fulfillment in which the pregnant woman radiates the natural beauty of motherhood, a beauty that we can see through this selection of beautiful pregnancy photos .

According to its definition, "it is called pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnancy or pregnancy to the period that passes from the implantation of the fertilized ovum in the uterus until the moment of birth" . Saying that sounds like something cold, but pregnancy is much more than that. It is also love, it is hope, it is illusion, it is happiness


and those feelings are also reflected in the future mom.

From the precise moment of fertilization, the body of the woman begins to transform itself to give shelter to a new being. It starts a great hormonal revolution that causes the appearance of the first symptoms of pregnancy, a series of signs that can indicate that we are in a state.

Hormones affect almost every organ in a woman's body. One of the first things that pregnant women can notice are changes in the skin, hair and nails. The skin is usually softer and the hair brighter due to the effect of pregnancy hormones, which make the sebaceous glands look better.

The rest of the body also experiences great changes in pregnancy. The most notorious is the increase in the volume of the gut that grows as the months of pregnancy pass, causing a slight lumbar curvature. A roundness that increases while increasing the illusion of future dads.

Many women feel bewildered by the great change their body experiences, but accept these changes as a reason for happiness is the best formula to enjoy a full pregnancy.

In the beautiful images of pregnant women that we offer below we can see that pregnancy is a full stage for women.

We hope you will be inspired and that you will enjoy them.


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With these beautiful photos of pregnancy we wanted to celebrate motherhood and pay tribute to all pregnant women. We hope you liked the images as much as we did.

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