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Share Fruits and vegetables in season, every day

Eva Paris @paris_eva is a website of the Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs of the Government of Spain, dedicated to publicizing the characteristics of food and its relationship with a healthy lifestyle. One of its campaigns is "Fruits and seasonal vegetables", which highlights the importance of the consumption of these foods when they are at their best.

In Spain we have a wide variety of fruits and vegetables all year round, with multiple properties and delicious aromas and flavors. In their harvest season they are at their best moment of consumption, with all their flavor and better value for money.

We already know that you have to consume at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day, and summer is the best time for it because of the great variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables, ranging from melon watermelon or peach to carrot., the cucumber, the pumpkin ...

From the website of we can see an interactive presentation made on the occasion of the campaign and dedicated to summer fruits, on which we will soon return. In this way, at a rhymed rhythm, the children know more about these healthy foods for which there is always a gap in the menu.

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