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Fulla is the Barbie of the Muslim world . She has Arabic features, she wears a veil, she has her own rug to pray, she has no boyfriend and she is making a fuss among Arab girls.

Fulla, the version of the famous Barbie doll in the countries of the Middle East, is reaping enormous success among Muslims, who find that this toy represents their values. The doll, with the name of a woman who is also a rose only present in the Middle East, has achieved in the 18 months it has been on the market to become the best selling toy in all the countries of the area.

Although Fulla has a price of $ 15, something high in these countries, flies from the shelves. The doll has a variety of dresses according to the country in which it is sold: For the most religious areas there is a doll dressed in the traditional Arab dress of black color and with a 'hijab' (Islamic veil covering the hair, ears and the neck of the woman) of the same color.

However, in other countries such as Syria or Lebanon, with more open societies, Fulla can be found with a white handkerchief and dressed in light colors.

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