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Share Easy and funny Minions hats to make at home

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

One of the cinematographic sensations of the year have been without a doubt those small, bouncy and endearing little bugs, which will certainly have their own movie, which we will be able to see only in 2015.

You can turn your kids into nice Minions with these easy and funny hats to make at home . Yes, you will need a yellow wool hat, something not so easy to find, so if you can, buy a few for friends and family.

You will also need the tube of a roll of toilet paper or kitchen paper, a pair of scissors, a black rubber band, stapler and some black pipes. It is to make the hairs of the Minions, so if you do not get them you can use black wool that serves perfectly.

Seeing the images does not need or explanation. It's very easy to do. Make a small hole to pass the hairs, or sew if it is wool. For the glasses you cut one or two circles, they are painted silver (or they are surrounded with insulating tape) and you engrave them to each other and to the rubber.

And you have ready the Monions caps . To complete the costume, dress the boy in a yellow shirt, jeans (if you have a breastplate, better) and black gloves. He will love it!

Via | Cottonpopsock