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Mireia Long

When the baby is going to be born and we have decided to breastfeed, we can find ourselves with the decision to buy certain products that, apparently, appear to us as necessary to achieve a successful breastfeeding. Do you really need all those accessories for breastfeeding ?

However, however much we consider it best for our babies to breastfeed and be willing to use the aids that are necessary, all those products and objects offered by the industry are not necessary for all mothers and you should only go to them in certain cases.

In some cases, as I explain, they can be a help or even a necessity, but of course, a priori, they do not help breastfeeding in general and their advertising presentation is exactly that, publicity, not proven reality. And it can even be harmful to go to them without it being found that they can be needed.

Breastfeeding discs

The best treatment for a wet nipple is to let it dry in the air and accept as part of our physiology that the milk may flow unexpectedly. Keeping the nipple moist on a breastfeeding disc is putting it in the best breeding ground for germs, bacteria and fungi. You can refer to them as something exceptional, of course, but they do not do it as a matter of principle.

It is always better to leave the chest in the air that dries when the shot is finished, since it will be ready in less than a minute and wear clothes that are not obvious that it has gotten wet if we have a small accident.

The breast pumps

A mother who suckles her baby on demand and takes him with her, is at home or has to go out, does not need, in principle, a breast pump for anything. Each mother can decide to take her upbringing as she considers best, but of course, separating from a newborn is not a biological necessity or favors breastfeeding and we can always do a manual extraction for which we do not need more than an adequate container and our clean hands.

If there are cracks or a bad position it is best to seek advice to achieve a good grip and good posture, also taking into account that using the breast pump unnecessarily to increase production with a baby that sucks properly, can only lead to overproduce and lead to problems. Using the breast pump should be left for special cases in which its use would be advisable, such as when there is a premature baby or a true problem of insufficient production, but in both cases, working the suction is, in the medium term, the way to go.

Even if there is an engorgement in the first days, the breast pump can be harmful and it is better to increase the intake and offer the breast continuously to resolve it, especially if the inflammation is in the area of ​​the aura.

Breastfeeding cushions

Actually, the nursing pads it is clear that they do not lack any . With luck they can help to take a comfortable posture at times, but in most cases they are, or purely decorative objects, or items that cause problems by determining the baby to be placed in bad posture.

Of course a healthy mother does not need it in any way and we can all breastfeed perfectly without them, putting a normal cushion under our arms or lying down if we are tired of the usual posture. Of course, there will be those who enjoy using them, but, in principle, they do not have to do all the mothers.

As much they can help if there are twins, but neither in this case offer better support than a normal pillow.

The liners

The liners appear to be the universal solution for any difficulty in breastfeeding in some centers of delivery care. Mothers with flat, inverted, large or cracked nipples are derived from the use of the teat cup, when it, in principle, forms a barrier between the mouth that sucks and the nipple and areola that require the stimulus.

A mother who is advised to use the liners as the first solution receives the message that her body is defective and, in addition, may end up depending on that object to have confidence in breastfeeding. And, in general, the liners do reduce contact and stimulation to the chest, which is related to insufficient production.

To deal with the problems that are intended to be solved with the liners the best solution is to work a correct posture, and not the use of intermediate objects. And in the cases that are used, do it with the help and supervision of a specialized consultant.

Conclusion on breastfeeding accessories

All these accessories are not necessary for breastfeeding, however, in some cases if they are accurate and useful, and it is in them that we should go to them. Breastfeeding is free and you do not need objects or products to achieve it. If then we consider that we could use those accessories, they are, but buying them before is spending unnecessarily.

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