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Share Make a blackboard clock for the children's room

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

Our colleagues at Decoesfera give us a great idea to make a clock-slate for the children's room ourselves . It is a very fun proposal to decorate a wall of the room besides being especially interesting for children who are learning the hours.

You need a wooden board of the size and shape you want, a clock machinery and slate paint. It is a synthetic paint with a matte finish with a texture similar to that of a blackboard that can be achieved in various colors, and of course on which you can write with chalk and erase.

The clock is very simple to make. In Decoesfera you can follow the steps to make it and as I always say "imagination to power" as it can become a practical tool to help children organize their daily tasks or remember hygiene habits such as brushing teeth and pee before going to bed.

Via | Decoesphere