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Caro Ferrer @@ CocinadCarolina

A simple and original idea to keep a baby distracted this summer is to make it yourself an original rattle made with objects that you can find on the beach. Many times when we travel, we can not take all of our son's repertoire of toys, so we must give free rein to our imagination to make toys with whatever we have at hand.

With a simple plastic bottle, some rice and pretty elements that you find on a beach, you can make a baby a homemade toy that will distract for a long time: a homemade beach rattle .

You will need a plastic bottle, you can do it with whatever you have at hand but think that your baby should hold it with his hands. The neck of the bottle should be wide enough for the objects that we want to introduce to pass through.

To make the beach rattle we will need:

  • plastic bottle
  • funnel
  • rice (or any other small food, such as lentils)
  • elements that you have found on the beach: scallops, shells, molluscs, sticks, shells, pebbles ...

With the help of the funnel we will pass the rice, fill the bottle 1/4. Then we will add our beach objects.

This game is very practical because we can take it with us wherever we want, your baby will love it because in addition to making noise, it hides small treasures that will appear as the bottle moves.

You can play with your child to look for a specific object, to count them ... If your child is starting to crawl, with the bottle you can stimulate them to follow her on the ground as she rolls.

If you want to see more photos of the process you can visit the web where I got the idea from:

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