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papaLobo @papaLobox

Who has not wanted to ever have the Harry Potter wand? Say that about Alohomora, or Expecto Patronum . Of course I do not know what we were going to do with a deer at home.

Well, they are very simple to make, in fact I think that the complicated thing is to find the base branch, which is nothing more than a bamboo branch. In the web of hideous dreadful stinky they explain it to you very well how to make oneself magic wands of Hogwarts, I tell you it more summarized, but in Castilian.

We cut several branches (or those that we can) of bamboo of between 20 and 25 centimeters and fill the hole that remains when cutting, remember that the bamboo is hollow between the knots, with putty of wall or plasticine, that I suppose you will have more to hand. The next step would be to paint the bamboo rod with some dark varnish or dark paint and once it is dried with glue we make some edges to the designer's taste. She uses thermal glue from a gun, which, of course, as with bricomania, we all have at home, right next to the 100-man dremel.

Once the glue has dried, we proceed to paint them with acrylic paint . In this case we can do it ourselves or else that each little aspiring magician will paint his own.

And there is only play left!

What did you think of this Do it yourself, magic wands from Hogwarts, no simple?

Here you have another different model although something more coarse. We can say that they are Hagrid's. But if yours are not the crafts, and most likely it ends half a room full of glue and the dog varnished to the ears, do not worry, here they sell you a complete set.

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