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Carnivals soon arrive and we will surely commit some excesses in the costume parties that we will do with the children. Soon we will make some suggestions about it but to keep the line until then, today we are going to prepare a light dinner, a fish in papillote .

Broadly speaking, the papillote technique consists of cooking the food in its own juices thanks to the vapor that they give off, for which they are introduced in a hermetic wrapper resistant to the heat that the steam does not escape. The result is a very juicy product, with all its nutrients and with more flavor.

Today we are going to prepare some gilthead breams that we will cook simultaneously with the vegetables of your garnish, without hardly using fats, so we will have a light recipe without too many calories.

Ingredients for 3-4 people

  • Two gilthead seabream, - may be sea bass or any fish of your choice - serving size, 8 mushrooms, a piece of green pepper, 1/2 red onion, 1 zucchini and 1 carrot
  • For the garnish, the proper vegetables and a little cooked wild rice

How to make white fish in papillote

To make the papillote you can use special silicone cases or make us the heat resistant wrapping using aluminum foil or greaseproof paper or baking paper, with which we will wrap the food. Since we have two ration fish, which usually give more than one ration, we will make two packages.

We start by putting a few drops of oil on the base of each aluminum foil and on it we place the vegetables distributed evenly, forming a kind of bed on which, then we will arrange the fish.

On the vegetables, sprinkle a little salt and take a minimum amount of oil, less than one tablespoon will be enough. Above, we place the fish, which must be open and clean, as we have asked the fishmonger and the salted inside. We can also ask that they give us the loins instead of using the whole fish.

The cooking time varies according to the size of the fish, and the amount of vegetables we use. To make you an idea, the golden ones of about 250 gr, took in the conventional oven 10 minutes at 190┬║. If you do them in the microwave you will have to use a silicone case, and then, it would be enough with about 5 minutes.

Production time | 15 minutes Difficulty | Very easy


This recipe of fish in papillote, you can prepare it with white fish such as hake or croaker or semi-fat fish such as sea bream, sea bream or sea bass, obtaining a very rich and juicy result. Topping the recipe with another spoonful of raw extra virgin olive oil over the fish and a little white or wild rice as garnish, you will get an excellent light dinner, full of flavor and with hardly any fat.

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