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Share Ideas to decorate Easter eggs

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

The approaching Holy Week is an excellent date to enjoy as a family. You can take advantage for example to do some crafts with the children making the most of the eggs. Chocolate eggs to eat, decorated eggs, egg candles


Decorating the Easter eggs will be a fantastic entertainment for the little ones this mini vacation. You just have to keep the eggs you use to cook. Instead of breaking them in half and opening them, you can make a hole in each of the ends and blow to empty the contents. Then, they are washed well and left to dry to decorate later.

With a little imagination, markers, temperas and the help of a photo that serves as a model, children can devote themselves to decorating eggs as they like. They can stick stickers, glitter, ribbons, draw bunnies, flowers, butterflies, etc.


If you prefer, you can fill some of the eggs with small confections and cover the holes with a little cotton.

To finish, you can place cellophane paper cut into strips mixed with a little cotton inside a basket and place the decorated eggs there. Or you can put a thread and hang them from a tree or plant in the house.

While decorating them, you can tell the children the meaning of Easter and how you used to celebrate them in your childhood.

Another idea: here you can find drawings with Easter motifs (basket with eggs, bunnies, etc.) to print and color.

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