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Mireia Long

The II Women's Empowerment Days organized by the Association Breeding with Attachment of Malaga will take place next weekend.

The proposed program is very interesting and you can go in person to the conference, which will take place at the Youth Hostel in Malaga. But also, and this novelty I think it offers a magnificent opportunity, can be followed on the network.

Empowerment is a process by which women strengthen their confidence in their ability to make decisions in all areas of their lives: health, sexuality, family, upbringing and work.

Empowerment is an individual process for each woman, but also a collective one, as organized groups of women become aware of their capacity to influence changes in their social, economic and political environment.

In these days participate among others the sociologist Isabel Aler and the midwife Blanca Herrera, as well as other specialists such as Esther Alcántara, professor of oriental dance and graduate in history and women's studies, Mónica de Felipe transpersonal therapist and co-author of the book "Una nueva motherhood ", and representatives of various parenting and breastfeeding associations.

The opportunity to participate as listeners in a virtual way is something that offers us all the power to learn from these women and I think it will be very worthwhile. I encourage you to register in these II Days of Empowerment of Women of the Association Breed with Attachment.

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