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As you all know, in medicine 2 and 2 there are usually four and anything that today is true tomorrow can prove false (or almost anything). Cases of diseases that existed for a while and were considered valid and then made to disappear are some, as for example the allergy to semen, a problem that was considered cause of fertility.

Sperm allergy was in vogue in the seventies and eighties, above all, although cases were also studied in the nineties. When it was suspected that the infertility of a couple could be due to a woman's allergy to her husband's sperm, they performed tests to diagnose and treat her.

Four hours after having sex, the mobility of the sperm in the mucus of the cervical canal was analyzed. If they saw that the mobility was low , a long treatment with immunoglobulins was started in order to avoid the reaction of the woman's body to the semen of the couple .

Semen allergy is a very rare disease

However, these treatments were rarely successful, basically because what was understood as a semen allergy was not really .

To explain it a bit in the words of an expert, Juan Antonio GarcĂ­a Velasco, director of the IVI Fertility Preservation Plan, an institution specializing in reproductive medicine:

Allergy to sperm or semen is something really exceptional, if it exists. And, of course, it is not a factor of infertility.

According to him, every year they treat more than 5, 000 patients and in the 15 years they have been working, they have never diagnosed a sperm allergy .

But the woman's body can reject sperm

However, it is known that a woman's body can produce antibodies to the sperm, if it recognizes them as foreign cells that must be eliminated. In such a case, if many antibodies are generated, the mobility of the sperm can be affected and the chances of conceiving a creature can be altered.

It does not mean that semen allergy does not exist

In 2010, the magazine Fertility and Sterility published a work by specialists from the Department of Histology and Reproduction Biology, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the Department of Allergy at the Tenon Hospital in Paris, where they studied allergy to seminal plasma.

In it they explained that it is a very rare disorder, since there are only 80 cases described in the scientific literature .

The symptoms of this allergy can be diverse, being mild or severe, depending on the local area or systemically. In other words, as with any allergen, it can affect locally, in this case causing a vulvovaginitis, or in general, causing an anaphylactic reaction.

In these cases, logically, the use of condoms is necessary. This means that the chances of having children are very low, unless intrauterine artificial insemination is performed with washed sperm.

In any case, as we say, it will be news the day that a woman is diagnosed with an allergy to semen because, for almost 20 years, it has been ruled out that the lack of motility of the sperm comes from an allergy.

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