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Share Childhood insomnia, bad habits are often the cause


Up to 90% of cases of childhood insomnia are related to the bad habits that babies have acquired during their first six months of life, the logical answer is that we are the parents who are most responsible for the occurrence of this problem that does not stop sleep to the child and neither to the parents.

The Spanish Pediatric Association places special emphasis on the need for parents to adopt an appropriate mode of action, with love but always marking a line. It is not about being strict or hard, you just have to get used to children.

In some occasions we have spoken in Babies and more about the importance of following routines and daily habits for the baby, this benefits them greatly at the time of eating, sleeping, etc. The introduction to healthy sleep habits starts from when the child comes to the world, the parents' performance, the environment, the temperature ... all are factors to be taken into account that will allow to guarantee those habits so necessary for children and their parents.

Sleeping well is something basic, in fact it is essential for a child to develop properly and parents are the ones who must provide our children with the routine so they do not have sleep problems.

But for this we must provide all those elements that can facilitate it, according to experts, the quantity and quality of sleep during the first four years is a very important factor for it to develop properly the language and a seed planted so that in successive years, the school performance is higher.

Sleep well influences all aspects, physical and intellectual development, immune system development, etc., so experts warn about the importance of acquiring appropriate habits and try to show parents what should be the most appropriate behavior to follow .

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