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Share Ginger, a natural remedy for nausea

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

A friend recently gave me a piece of ginger root to prepare an infusion to relieve the nausea caused by the pregnancy .

I was sick of nausea and I prepared to prepare the lemon and ginger brew and I can say that it was effective. Although the discomfort did not disappear completely, it decreased a lot.

This plant with intense and somewhat sweet flavor is widely used in Asian cuisine, but also has medicinal properties. Several studies have shown the effectiveness of ginger to avoid the urge to vomit during the first months of pregnancy, during a trip or after an anesthetic. It is even being studied if it is also effective for nausea caused by chemotherapy.

Before drinking the infusion it is better to consult with your doctor, but I think that in this case it is preferable to go to this type of natural medicine without side effects than chemistry.

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