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papaLobo @papaLobox

One of the most wonderful things with unlimited potential is the imagination of our children. Everything is possible within those little heads: fairies, goblins, dragons and witches, all come alive in your imagination.

It's a gift that all of them have, maybe not all of them are great footballers or have learned to speak in a few months, but they all have the wonderful gift of imagination.

So, why not play storytelling?

And for that I present the Rory's Story Cubes or The Story Cubes of Rory that my grandmother would say.

Some time ago, surfing the net I found this curious game. Bring nine dice, each with a different image printed on each of their faces.

Whats the game about? Then the dice are thrown and a story is constructed from the images that have come out to us, so simple, without rules and above all, without limits.

Taking into account that each die is six images and that there are nine dice, if I remember correctly the statistics classes would come out! More than ten million possible combinations ! and as for each combination can fit thousands of different stories we can make an idea that we are dealing with a toy that can provide us with unlimited hours of fun.

If you do not have enough with the nine dice, there are extensions of thematic dice that have 3 more dice each and two more versions that can be played separately or join the original game. You also have some travel story cubes, although the truth is that the box is similar to large matchboxes and fits in any pocket.

Oh, and for those who do not leave the phone or sleeping, you can also download it from the App Store and Google Play.

A great challenge for the imagination of parents. Instead of telling the bedtime story, we roll the dice and invent one. Do you dare?

So, we play to tell stories?

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