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Share Playing with children: building bridges for toys

Caro Ferrer @@ CocinadCarolina

I just ran into a fun and entertaining idea to do with your children. It is about building bridges so that the toys overcome the obstacles that are found at home .

Playing with your children can be fun and very fruitful for both of them but helping them to build toys or supporting them to do them is even more enriching.

Busy kids happy mom teach us how to build bridges so your child's toys can move from one table to another. Of course, a child can make Mazinger Z fly from one room to another but with this we will develop their construction vein and strengthen their manual skills.

How to build the toy bridge

There are hundreds of ways to do it but today we will see how it is done with the help of pole sticks.

We need : white glue, 40-50 wooden sticks, ruler, baking paper to prevent the glue from spreading on the work surface.

Instructions :

  • We join the sticks with the tail, invent the construction. But you have to think or predict how much weight the construction will bear so that it does not break.
  • A good way to do it would be with a base of many sticks stuck flat to the ground and other perpendiculars to hold them.
  • You can make fences to the bridge and paint them in colors to make it more colorful and make the manual work even more creative.
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