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Armando @armando_bastida

Maybe it will be because when I was little many of my toys were like that, maybe because they are more resistant, less polluting or because they seem warmer than those made of plastic, but the truth is that I love wooden toys.

That is why when I saw the propaganda of the supermarket chain Lidl I stopped to study it. As of January 2, that is, tomorrow, within the so-called "Offers of the week", various wooden toys will be on sale at a very good price (or at least that's what I thought).

As an example I show you the train circuit of the image. It comes with a battery-powered locomotive and two wagons and another wooden train. It consists of 81 pieces and the measurements of the circuit are 88 × 76 cm. and it costs only 24, 99 euros. I liked the "giant wood shop" too, perfect to stimulate creativity, to use the symbolic game and to rehearse the social interaction that is created in a store. It costs 39.99 euros and looks very good.

In addition to these two toys there is a wooden castle with figures and horses, children's puzzles, a pirate ship, etc.

Just a tip: units are usually limited so if you are interested in any, it is best to show up at the store before they open.

Official site | LidlEn Babies and more | Ropita de bebé in Lidl

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