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Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

One of the questions raised by the parents of a young child who is expecting another baby is how to solve the trips with two children at a time. One option to keep in mind is an accessory like Kid-Sit, a seat to carry two children in the stroller .

The older one still tires when walking while the little one is a newborn baby, so we have to find a solution so that both children can walk comfortably.

Kid-Sit is a wheeled platform with a built-in seat that supports up to 18 kilos, the estimated weight of a four-year-old child. It is placed without using tools in all the strollers that have a horizontal rear axle and when it is not used it is closed by means of clamp type belts.

Another advantage is that you can remove the seat if the child has more fun using it as a scooter, or with a click install the seat if you prefer to sit. Its price is 115 euros in the Children's Store, but before buying it, check the official website that is compatible with your brand and cart model.

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